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ApolloTrade international is an independent player in the raw materials dealing especially in the Chemicals, Minerals & Metals resources markets. Thanks to stategic alliances and its positioning Apollotrade is a genuine trading international plateform that connects the actors of niche industry.


ApolloTrade, strives to be a global link in the Chemical, Metals & Minerals industry by maintaining performance, in terms of quality, prices and services.
ApolloTrade aims at establishing long term partnerships with manufactures associates. Our philosophy is based on cooperation and responsiveness as the main key to our mutual success.
The ApolloTrade International approach is to use our partnership structure to realize the commercial potential of assets in markets where we have a comprehensive understanding of what influences value. Our structure is focused on the sourcing, distribution and marketing of Chemicals, Metals and Minerals, we also consider investment opportunities through our main partner where:

Our existing co-management, participation in the marketing and associate production provides expert insight.
We view continuing participation in industrial assets as an important feature of our long-term contract strategy.

ApolloTrade International purchases added value product streams from the production of existing plant or mines. With an experienced management team and proven business model, ApolloTrade International has growing cash flow, with exceptional growth opportunities.


ApolloTrade International has long-standing contracts to purchase notably a large stream of chromium chemicals production from plant partners in the main spot of niche product resources. Our involvement in the chemicals and raw material industry is characterized by our ability to offer a large market scope of specification. We also represent major producers in the world and we are able to provide the competitively priced products on a regular basis.


Service is the hallmark of ApolloTrade’s commitment. Our goal is to be responsive to our clients. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Quality we strive to provide the highest quality product at competitive prices. All of our deliveries include itemized packing lists and analysis certificates in compliance with ISO 9000 requirements.
Integrity you can rely on ApolloTrade’s ability to deliver products that perform the exact specifications that you’re required. Our reputation is our most important asset to building long-term relationships.
Prices Trade agreements as well as the partnership that we established with the largest global producers enable us to provide our customers with highly competitive price in the market.